Quick Tip: Copy files from lxc host to lxc container  - June 7, 2016

Today, I wanted to copy some files (specifically my .ssh/id_rsa* files) to the container filesystem of an lxc container I was spinning up. There are a number of different approaches to achieve this, and they’re all great, but I wanted the simplest thing I could do, rather than grepping through fstab records, and copying into arcane folders, etc. I’m using lxc / lxd on Ubuntu Xenial, so it’s a little different that a lot of the advice I found for earlier versions of lxc.

Quick Tip: Remove Query Param from URL in Go  - June 1, 2016

Spent a few too many minutes today figuring out how to easily remove query string parameters from a url.URL in Go.

Today’s short post shows how simple it is.

God Hates Suffering  - May 25, 2016

Look what I just got today! I'm excited to have just gotten my copy of "God Hates Suffering" in the mail today. The topic of suffering in the world is an old and much discussed one, and having discussed this with Bryan many times I'm really looking forward to the read. When you realize that God put us in charge of this earth, and gave us His Holy Spirit to bring His kindom and authority to earth, it can change your perspective from passively wondering why God allows pain and suffering, to partnering with God in bringing healing and hope.

Hiking in April  - April 2, 2016

Kids climbing rocks. Sandler taking in the view.

Sunrise in January  - January 15, 2016

An Arizona Sunrise

Using Entity Framework DB Migrations  - August 22, 2015

Update This post is a few years old, and not up to date any more.

Entity Framework DB Migrations (”Migrations”) are a way to safely transform the schema of the backing database between versions of the code.1

Migrations are built to use a table in the database, __MigrationHistory, to keep track of migrations that have been applied to the database. This table contains various useful metadata; in particular the column Model holds a binary representation of the code model as generated by Entity Framework for the version of the code that corresponds to the migration.

When creating a migration it’s important to work in a consistent and repeatable process, and from well defined states, to avoid experiencing unexpected results or confusing changes.

This article shows a process for consistently creating, and managing, your Migrations.

Powershell Scripts - from the Archives  - July 2, 2015

Way back in the day - circa 2007 or 2008 I had a website that included some sample code and snippets that demonstrated things I’d learned at the time. I’m still getting 404 records in my http logs from folks following links on other sites to try and find this content. The content isn’t really that valuable any longer, but there are some nifty things. Reproduced below (thanks to the Internet Archive, wayback machine is the content from two different versions of this page.

Mail Queue Dispatcher  - July 1, 2015

When writing web applications, one often has to send email as a part of the notification or registration process.

Sending email through an SMTP server directly from your main web application thread can block for an unreasonable amount of time while serving a response page that is waiting for the email to be delivered.

God is Good  - June 16, 2015

My core theology is that God exists, and that he is Good.

  • God is,
  • God is Good, and
  • God wants to connect.