God is Good - June 16, 2015

My core theology is that God exists, and that he is Good.

  • God is,
  • God is Good, and
  • God wants to connect.

God Is

I know that God Is.

God is Good

Building on my conviction of his existence, I began exploring his nature.

By definition, God is a (the) creator. It is not plausible to me that God would be irrational. To create and destroy on a whim is not rational, leading me to certainty that his actions are fully intentional. A rational, intentional God is not congruent with a God who would act in bad faith, or by half measures.

Therefore: given a rational God - a creator, I can extrapolate that he creates with only good intent.

So, assuming a rational, prime mover, what would such a being intend toward it’s creation? Not harm. Not destruction. Not senseless pain.

Then what? I can only reasonably conclude that a complete, sovereign God would intend good, and would act to effect good.

Because of this progression of thought, I have come to complete conviction, that God is Good.

As the reality of this sinks in to my being, I have hope in me, and more than hope - love. Love for God who is unmoved by my doubt. Love for God who first loved me, and every person.

God wants to connect

I believe we can infer some of God’s nature by his creation. A God who is Good, and who creates with good intent, and whose creation seems utterly based on relationship and connection, must be seeking to connect with creation.

So I look for evidence of God reaching out to his creation. Of every “God story” I know about; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Animism, Ancestor Worship - only the story of incarnation, God clothing himself with flesh and living with us, God making a way for us to reach him, seems congruent with the nature of a Good God. This leads me to the third cornerstone of my faith: God wants to connect with man. God gave his son, Jesus Christ, in order to be reconciled with man!