Attracting Talent, via Eric Lippert

- Monday, March 8, 2010

Interesting summary of feedback by Eric Lippert, who was asking about factors that make a job description attractive (or not) to potential employees.

Factors that make a job posting attractive are:

  • Required skills

  • relevant, focused, sensible

  • emphasis on ability to learn

  • Format and style

  • well-written, self-aware, humble, enthusiastic

  • Personality and culture

  • good work-life balance

  • corporate culture and values clearly expressed

  • evidence of programming methodologies, such as “Agile Programming”

  • opportunity to work with famous industry leaders or on famous products

  • The job itself

  • described in detail: specific team, specific product, specific job

  • telecommuting possible

  • work is beneficial to industry and society

  • work has large scope – “change the world”

  • work is challenging

  • product is innovative

  • tools/languages to be used are described and are current and familiar

  • good pay

  • autonomy to choose own tools, architectures, methodologies

  • details of the team stated – team size, for example

  • more than just typing in code – opportunities for UI design, DB design, troubleshooting user problems, and so on

via I highly recommend following the link and reading the whole article if you in any way participate in hiring, and/or drafting job requirements.