Logmax, Inc.

A long time client of mine is Log Max, Inc.

I built their online browsing and shopping experience from scratch, in ASP.NET MVC, and with some hand built CSS and HTML. It’s evident that I’m not very artistic in the design, but the application has been running in production for more than five years now with no major issues or downtime.

The web application connects to its own proprietary database, as well as interfacing with a major inventory and sales database backend.

In addition to browsing, searching, shopping, and invoice management, the site includes a robust warranty workflow management section, and comes with a consistent and reliable management section.

In 2017 I migrated the in-house application to an AWS hosted web application with some proprietary API’s for syncing data from the in-house Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

Screenshot of LogMax dealer portal website

LogMax Dealer Portal