John Weldon

Maricopa, Arizona

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Senior Software Developer

Creating Value with Software

Software Developer, Go, Kubernetes, Containers, Infrastructure, DevOps, Cloud

Excellent results in working with clients and customers. Extensive demonstrated software development experience. Works well with diverse groups of people at all levels of seniority and technical experience. Calm, and peaceful presence in stressful and dynamic situations; leads in crisis. Consistent, faithful, kind, and persevering. An active sense of humour and an ability to see the big picture. Does not get overwhelmed by circumstances. Thrives in fast-moving situations. Strong communication skills, clear reasoning, and tactful and direct interaction.

Professional Experience

Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware                                   March 2021 to Current

Working on the Tanzu Service Mesh team, my work revolves around several aspects of microservice development, and DevOps projects, using technologies including Go, ECS, Fargate, DynamoDB, S3, Terraform, Gitlab, Kubernetes, Tanzu Service Mesh, and related.

Senior Software Engineer, StormForge                                    March 2020 to March 2021

At StormForge I develop and support microservices that deploy and manage resources in k8s clusters, and for supporting identity, authentication, and authorization needs for the StormForge machine-learning kubernetes resource optimization tool.

Senior Software Engineer, Lyric Hospitality, Inc.     December 2018 to February 2020

Focused on data warehouse integration, and some Javascript (React/Redux) work also.

Lead Software Developer, MustWin LLC                       August 2015 to December 2018

Provided senior-level experience, with emphasis on back end systems and infrastructure.  Primarily in Go and JavaScript, but also Python and Java:

Client engagements

Software Consultant, John Weldon Consulting                 July 2010 to December 2018

Consulted and developed software solutions for business clients and partners.  My projects have included open source contributions using Go and MongoDB to the Juju service orchestration project,  designing and building an online parts catalogue with ordering, warranty management, and price list exports for third-party inventory management systems for a heavy logging machinery company.  I’ve done work in the front end (SVG / D3.js and Angular.JS, React, Redux), and specialize in systems and back end (Go, C#, Python, SQL Server, AWS, and much more).  Another project involved architectural guidance and support, as well as day to day direction of a dev team building a new client and business valuation portal from the ground up in ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework.  I also have considerable open-source development experience and have been involved in both small and large open-source teams, with strong peer-review and testing processes.

Software Consultant, Canonical Inc                                           March 2014 to April 2015

Worked on Juju Core which was a fantastic opportunity for me to get involved in both open-source projects and the Go programming language.  Worked closely with Canonical employees around the world.  Implemented the Juju Actions feature, using Go, MongoDB, Ubuntu Linux, git, bzr, on and, and using other open-source tools and projects.

Software Architect, SoftSource Consulting, Inc.                August 2011 to August 2014

Supported different clients in the healthcare industry, and in the retail industry, in business intelligence, and an online health advisor and management tool, as well as sales planning and forecasting.  I provided expertise in behind-the-scenes development best practices, as well as designed and built new modules within client applications.  I worked primarily in Microsoft .NET based software solutions using technologies including ASP.NET MVC WebForms, Entity Framework, WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, Azure, WCF, etc.  At Nike, the technology stack was Java, Spring, MongoDB, IBM TM1, IBM Cognos BI, Oracle, and JavaScript and Angular.js on the front end.

Team Lead, Transcore                                                        September 2008 to August 2011

Lead teams on a few projects that provide freight matching and transportation-related services for the trucking industry.

Senior Software Engineer, Jenkon International                   May 2006 to August 2008

Worked on several .NET projects providing management tools for Direct Selling companies and networks.

Technical Skills

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