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Maricopa, AZ / 85138 / USA / +1 (503) 941-0825 / [email protected]

Core Strengths:  Excellent results in working with clients and customers.  Strong communication skills, clear reasoning, and tactful and direct interaction. Works well with diverse groups of people at all levels of seniority and technical experience.  Calm, and peaceful presence in stressful and dynamic situations; leads in crisis. Consistent, faithful, kind, and persevering.  Active sense of humor and an ability to see the big picture. Does not get overwhelmed by circumstances. Thrives in fast moving situations. Over twenty years of software development experience.

December 2018 to Present: Senior Software Engineer, Lyric Hospitality, Inc. - At Lyric™ we design spaces and technology to empower a more creative and connected world. As the leading tech and data-powered real estate and lifestyle hospitality company, we’re reimagining the future of living for the modern business traveler. Our premium and purposeful Creative Suites™ – set within inspired buildings in the most exciting neighborhoods in the country – combine the productivity of a workspace, the inspiration of an artistic studio, and the amenities of a luxury hotel. Whether you stay one or 200 nights, we’re building a network of living spaces that make you feel at home everywhere. Our focus is on flexibility, purpose and community to help you unlock possible.

At Lyric I’ve been focused on data warehouse integration, “FinOps”, and some Javascript (React/Redux) work also.

August 2015 to December 2018: Lead Software Developer, MustWin LLC / Lovable Technology - MustWin is a boutique software development firm, with a broad range of experience and skill sets.  At MustWin I provide senior level experience, with emphasis on back end systems and infrastructure.  Primarily in Go and JavaScript, but also Python and Java. Some accomplishments:

Client engagements include:

Open Source, and internal projects include:

July 2010 to Present: Software Consultant, John Weldon Consulting - I consult and develop software solutions for business clients and partners.  My projects have included open source contributions using Go and MongoDB to the Juju service orchestration project,  designing and building an online parts catalog with ordering, warranty management, and price list exports for third party inventory management systems for a heavy logging machinery company.  I’ve done work in the front end (SVG / D3.js and Angular.JS, React, Redux), and specialize in systems and back end (Go, C#, Python, SQL Server, AWS, and much more).  Another recent project involves architectural guidance and support, as well as day to day direction of a dev team building a new client and business valuation portal from the ground up in ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework.  I also have considerable open-source development experience, and have been involved in both small and large open-source teams, with strong peer-review and testing processes.

March 2014 to April 2015: Software Consultant, Canonical, Inc. - Working on Juju Core has been a fantastic opportunity for me to get involved in both open-source and the Go programming language.  I’ve spent a year working closely with Canonical employees around the world.  I’ve was involved with implementing the Juju Actions feature, using Go, MongoDB, Ubuntu Linux, git, bzr, on and, and using other open source tools and projects.

August 2011 to August 2014: Software Architect, SoftSource Consulting, Inc. - Lead roles with a few different clients in the healthcare industry and in the retail industry, in business intelligence and in online health advisor and management tools, as well as sales planning and forecasting.  I’ve provided expertise in behind-the-scenes development best practices, as well as designed and built new modules within client applications.  I’ve worked primarily in Microsoft .NET software solutions using technologies including ASP.NET MVC WebForms, Entity Framework, WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, Azure, WCF, etc.  At Nike the technology stack was Java, Spring, MongoDB, IBM TM1, IBM Cognos BI, Oracle, and JavaScript and Angular.js on the front end.

Primary Technology Skills and Experience


Community and Open Source

Previously regular, and recently occasional, contributor to Stack Overflow (top 0.87% rep score).  Most voted tags include C#, C++, .NET, JavaScript, Go, C, svn, git, vim, and version control: 

Maintainer of a cluster of popular Open Source libraries: Go LDAP, and Go ASN1.BER

Active on GitHub, with a mix of Open Source and proprietary projects.

Active on Bitbucket, although more of those projects are proprietary.

On the board of a couple nonprofits, including The Greater Love, and Marked For Greatness.

A Selection of LinkedIn Recommendations

I’ve been using LinkedIn for several years, and I’ve added a small sampling of my recommendations on LinkedIn: 

“John Weldon just finished a one-year engagement with a software development team I manage. His work impressed us, and I would engage him again without a second thought. We took him on for his .NET expertise and architectural judgment, but came to value equally his tact, humility, and breadth of interests. He's an expert software architect and a delightful person to work with.”

Bryan Myers - Director, Software Development at WebMD Health Services

“John was a great asset to our agile development team. I functioned as the product owner/business owner of a team which was developing an online health coaching product and John was a mainstay of this team. During one specific time when the team was shorthanded, John pushed himself and inspired the others on the team to push so that we met the delivery commitments for that release. He showed innovation, drive and focus, on many occasions pointing out ways in which we could better achieve our objectives.

“John is a team player and has shown himself to be a calming presence in times of stress and deadlines. Even though he was a contractor, he became well versed in the overall product platform showing his commitment to more than simply the products he worked on.

“John has already been greatly missed by his colleagues at WebMD Health Services where he contracted for just over a year. He will be a great asset to any organization he joins.”  

Lynne Chartier - Product Manager, WebMD

“John is the consummate team player, passionate about his work, and an effective leader. The attributes that stand out most are how he maintained generosity and grace through a couple of very difficult projects. I wish we had him back on our team”

Keith Hamilton - QA Manager at DAT Solutions

“The combination of business understanding, communication, and technical skill is a tremendous asset for any organization. John has this combination. He applies technology intelligently, asks great questions, and helps lead the team to excellent solutions.”

John Stewart - Product Manager, TransCore

“Working with John was great. As team lead, he facilitated an environment where I was able to jump right in and contribute to the team's effort. His talent in being positive and confident, even amidst risk, was encouraging. Our efforts were successful and I really enjoyed the experience. I certainly recommend him.”

Russ Martinez - Software Engineer, TransCore

“John, is just an awesome person to work with and for -- professional and inspiring team lead, knowledgeable and innovative developer and a great person - never impatient, always understanding, kind, thoughtful and helpful. I have learnt great deal from him and hope to work with him again.”

Denis Morozov - Software Engineer, TransCore

LinkedIn Recommendations, continued

“John possesses outstanding technical talent and a real love of learning, which he combines with humility and a great ability to connect with people at a human level. He understands the needs of business and the needs of good code and how to balance the two for best effect. He's a strong addition to any team, and brings a great energy to his work that inspires those around him.”

Bryn Keller - Director of Development, Jenkon

“John was an excellent asset at Jenkon, and we miss him. While here, he held the title of Senior Software Engineer, and he was a perfect fit for that position. John is an outstanding person who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond”, an innovative self-starter who needs no supervision, and one who motivates and guides others working with and for him. He always exceeds expectations and handles pressure well. He assumed and settled into his leadership role well, and I know that he was inspiring and motivating to his team and to other Jenkon employees, as well. Management and other personnel throughout Jenkon praised his work.

“John was extremely helpful in other areas of the company, too. He always was willing to provide assistance to other employees whenever called upon. He organized and conducted programming training classes for other employees during the lunch hour. And, on several occasions gave up his personal time when the situation at work demanded it. And through it all, his constant cheerful attitude makes him a person that I wanted to be around.

“In short it is with great pleasure that I find myself writing a recommendation for John. I highly recommend him for any position that he would choose to apply for. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, competent, and a team player that would make a great asset to any organization”

Cary Ellis - Client Services, Jenkon