I will help you …

… create web and cloud solutions

With many years of experience building internet related software, I can almost certainly take your web or cloud application project to a new level.

As a speaker, teacher, or mentor I can help your team.

As a developer, I build back-end services, databases, and systems.

I’m also able to build front-end applications and websites on top of those back end systems.

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John Weldon

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Software Consulting

Let me help you with your technology project.

I specialize in microservices, and web application development, both back-end and front-end.

For the back end, I primarily use either Go, or .NET; for the front-end, either pure JavaScript/HTML5/CSS, or React, or Vue.js.

I’m usually able to take a website from idea to MVP – set up, built, and hosted – in just a few hours.

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I am a son of God, who is Good.

… the husband of the beautiful Juanita Weldon.

… the father of Destiny and Simeon, and the second dad to Julie and Johnny.

Also, I’m a software developer.