While waiting to figure out the best way to preserve and catalogue resources that I find interesting or worth memorializing, I will use this page to keep track of links, articles, sites, and resources in general that I want to keep track of.

I’ll continue editing and refining this page indefinitely, and the current content is far from comprehensive, only representative of what I’ve recorded so far.


Dr. Bryan Davenport

I’m proud to consider him my friend.

Bret Devereaux

Deep dive and interesting articles around ancient history - government, military, society.

Slate Star Codex, by Scott Alexander

Until 2021.

A treasure trove of interesting, challenging, and thoughtful ideas.

Scott Alexander now writes at Astral Codex Ten

More of the kinds of things I like to read by Mr. Alexander.

Some articles:

Farnham Street

Penelope Trunk

Paul Graham

Tim Bray

Fabrice Bellard

Prolific author and contributor to open source and computer science.

null program

I recently discovered this great resource from a post linked on Hacker News: My review of the C standard library in practice


The DECRYPT Project


Dang Interesting

Low-Tech Magazine


The Skullery

As in scullery.

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