Enter the World of Children at Risk Through a Great Book « Hope For The Nations

- Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say You’re One of Them is an awe-inspiring collection of stories that challenges you to look beyond the headlines and see an Africa full of both joy and despair.

In his first collection of stories, Say You’re One of Them, Akpan brings to life the issues facing children in one of the most beleaguered places on earth, so that their voices will no longer go unheard.

In five separate narratives, each told from the perspective of a child from a different African country, Say You’re One of Them vividly portrays the horror and beauty to be found in both the history-altering events and the mundane details of everyday life. In these stories of family, friendship, betrayal and redemption, Akpan highlights the tenacity and perseverance of his young protagonists.

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