Liberals and Markets, Arnold Kling

- Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are Libertarians simply Liberals who like markets?

I’ve considered myself a Libertarian in many political views for a long time, and have been noticing an increasing ‘leftward’ slide in my general political views, except for a couple hot-button areas.

Arnold Kling takes an interesting topic and dissects it well.


To me, government is a mechanism that diffuses and dilutes accountability. If government does something wrong, does a bureaucrat get fired? Does an agency go out of business? Do legislators suffer financial losses?

If I shop for a coat, the store is accountable to me. If government decides on a policy, my affect on that policy is at best very indirect. Will my vote be determined by that policy, or by my feelings about the elected officials based on other factors? Even if I vote on the basis of a single policy, will others vote the same way? Will the elected officials understand what the voters want? etc.