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Quick Tip: Remove Query Param from URL in Go

Spent a few too many minutes today figuring out how to easily remove query string parameters from a url.URL in Go.

Today’s short post shows how simple it is.

Mail Queue Dispatcher

When writing web applications, one often has to send email as a part of the notification or registration process.

Sending email through an SMTP server directly from your main web application thread can block for an unreasonable amount of time while serving a response page that is waiting for the email to be delivered.

Software Consulting

Let me help you with your technology project.

I specialize in microservices, and web application development, both back-end and front-end.

For the back end, I primarily use either Go, or .NET; for the front-end, either pure JavaScript/HTML5/CSS, or React, or Vue.js.

I’m usually able to take a website from idea to MVP – set up, built, and hosted – in just a few hours.